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Funky First Aid are based in Crewe & Nantwich, Cheshire and travel UK wide delivering courses at your premises or at a local venue to suit you or your group.  The style of our training is FUNKY - meaning it's enjoyable, relaxed, informal and fun! 

Many first aiders are nervous about the seriousness of a real life emergency, and Funky First Aid will give you the confidence and skills to give effective treatments whilst protecting your own safety.

Once qualified, you can be proud in knowing that you will have the ability to save a life if you needed to.  You might need to help a friend who's choking, help a child with a bee sting, assist with an inhaler, treat a neighbour for shock, recognise the symptoms of stroke, treat sunburn or heat exhaustion - all of these things could happen to anyone - a friend, a family member, a neighbour, and you will be able to help them or call an ambulance.

Funky First Aid believes the secret to effective training is providing an enjoyable atmosphere in which to learn. When students are enjoying themselves the learning comes naturally and as a result Funky First Aid has an extremely high pass rate.


Workplace First Aid

Workplace first aid is a legal requirement.  Employers must ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees. The HSE states that every workplace must have at least one first aider onsite at all times depending on the size of the organisation, its customers and members of the public onsite. 

If you or your business work with children, specific training in administering first aid to children should be considered prudent.

The team at Funky First Aid understand the needs of the modern first aider.  Our courses cover everything required to satisfy the governments guidelines - so why not complete your certificate in a fun and professional way.

Funky First Aid courses are approved and accredited by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), satisfying government legislation

If someone in your workplace or at home suddenly had a heart attack, began choking or fell and injured their spine would you know what to do and how to care for that individual? 

Funky First Aid is designed to ensure that you'll not only enjoy your training, but most importantly that you'll be confident and able to make a real positive difference if one of your workmates or family require your help.

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